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How to Start a Malayalam Blog

Malayalam content in internet world increases far better than before. A lot of websites already appeared in Google’s search results with high page rank. But majority of the keralites are not aware of how to start a malayalam blog by using free blogging tools available on the net. I just try to teach you how to blog in malayalam.

First of all you have to create an account from or some other blogging sites. And go to settings page of your account. Select Unicode-8 for publishing properties. Then your malayalam content will properly work on your blog. Then a question arises. How to write malayalam content? There is so many malayalam word processors available. But almost all of them are not compatible with Unicode Settings.

Varamozhi editor is a good choice in malayalam documentaion. After completing malayalam content, just click “ctrl” + “U” in order to get a unicode supported page. Then copy entire article from that page and paste it into your blog post page. Submit. Your malayalam blog is ready to read by anyone.

You can also use “ilamozhi”, an online malayalam text generator for the purpose of blog creatiion. Its scheme is almost same as in varamozhi malayalam editor.

There is already a malayalam blog community in cyberspace. It doesn’t mean you must get a membership from them. But getting a membership from that community will help you increase popularity of your blog.

We Have Major Gridlock on the Internet Super Highway!

YES! All these potential customers and they are stopped in front, behind and to both sides of you but not one is moving! And you want them to take the first available exit that leads straight to YOUR website! How do you get them from gridlock to 70mph straight to your site? FOLLOW ME…

Getting and maintaining traffic to your site seems like and insurmountable task, but there are tips and tricks to get traffic flowing in your direction and you can get it for FREE! After all, free traffic is the key to greater profits!

First, you need to find out where to get the people that are looking for what you have to offer. Forums can be an excellent source for finding targeted traffic. This is traffic that is looking for just what you have!
Find ones that pertain to your product and join as many as possible. You probably won’t be able to advertise directly on these forums, but the forum rules will give you information as to how to get your links out there to get traffic. Once again this is Free traffic!

Second, write articles giving some little bit of information that will help others. They will see your article and maybe want more from you. Once again, there is no direct advertising of your site but the traffic can be had if you follow the article submission rules.

Doing just these 2 things can provide you with much needed free traffic! So get busy and get the Traffic flowing!

A Review of the Affiliate Project X Internet Marketing Course

Affiliate Project X is a marketing course that has attracted over 10,000 affiliate marketers and novices alike to buy this course for themselves. One of the reasons this product has been so popular is because the course addresses several several Internet techniques for becoming a success in the affiliate marketing game.

Internet affiliate marketing is all about marketing a company’s product for a commission of the sale. The marketer’s job is to get that product’s name and it’s benefits exposed to the public and targeted communities online by exposure and promotion. The Internet market is saturated with affiliate marketers, each in competition to be heard over another marketed product.

Some of the information offered in this product exposes methods that super affiliates use that are top secret. All of the methods are explained in detail, step-by-step. Learn such secrets as what the super affiliate’s hottest products are you can promote as an affiliate marketer, duplicating their success.

Affiliate Project X is packed with everything a marketer needs to know in order to become a successful affiliate on the Internet. The information in their package covers pertinent information for beginners and advanced marketers to hone their skills even more.

Some of the techniques included in Affiliate Project X are the “Copy The Best” technique and the “Leech Method”. The Leech method shows affiliate marketers how to choose some of the most popular of ClickBank’s products for you to promote.

Affiliate Project X includes a beginner’s guide within it’s course loaded with tips and tricks that many of the pros are not even aware of. The beginner’s guide is written so novice marketers will be able to understand the concepts being covered in an easy to follow format.

Affiliate Project X also covers advanced, step-by-step, copy and paste methods, advanced product research techniques, profiting from the most popular products ClickBank has to offer, a guide for affiliates to promote marketing campaigns with little income and finally, a fool-proof solution for quitting your day job and becoming a full-time affiliate marketer.

Many individuals have benefited from taking this full course that covers everything a successful Internet marketing should know before jumping into the affiliate market game. This company also offers more options, such as free affiliate websites, support and start up assistance as part of their overall extended plan.

The Need for a Code of Ethics on Internet Usage

To understand the issue of internet ethics, you must first have a basic understanding of how the internet actually works.
Although the internet actually came into being by the American military in 1969, it wasn’t until 1989 that the World Wide Web was created in Switzerland. Today there are some 400 million people regularly using the internet for both personal and business matters.

The internet was originally designed as a closed network for military and then academic purposes and, because of this closed nature dealing with specific issues, the problem of online ethics was not foreseen.

Only the intellectual few were able to use the internet in its early days and as such, a set of values seen as inherent in these individuals was basically seen as the ‘code of conduct’. Therefore, acceptance of disagreement and aversion to restraint were seen as acceptable at that time.

The growth of the Internet has been incredible and more and more people are using it for increasingly longer periods to do more things. No longer is the internet the property of the intellectual few. In many societies, the internet can be accessed by almost all citizens. If they don’t have the internet at home, it can normally be accessed through academic institutions or libraries.

Although the internet was first developed for Americans, it has long since ceased to be an American phenomenon although around two thirds of users are still Americans. At the moment, the debate is basically between the USA and Western Europe. However, as Internet growth continues, so does the need to accommodate a broader range of cultures and value systems.
Understanding the need for ethics on the internet requires a basic understanding of the nature of the internet and the services it provides.

The main forms of content are the World Wide Web, Email, Chat rooms, and Usenet newsgroups.

The World Wide Web which now consists of over one billion sites that range from the simple personal homepage that many people have today right up to the very sophisticated sites of professional businesses.

Email allows instant communication with other internet users worldwide. The implications of this ability in business are enormous.

There are around 40 thousand chat rooms online. These are generally focussed on a particular subject or group of people and allows people to communicate either one on one or in groups. This ability has certainly made the world a smaller place, particularly for those who have family and friends in other countries.

There are also around 40 thousand newsgroups that enable people to share articles about a range of different subjects. These can range from the technical to the bizarre. Sometimes the ethics of the more sexually bizarre can come into debate.

So how can a code of ethics be applied to services of the internet? There are a number of things that need to be considered but, particularly where there are children, parental supervision cannot be surpassed.

The internet is made up of many networks and this continues to grow. The services all have different characteristics that need to be treated differently so any ethics debate must take this into account.

There are many different people involved in the internet and these people all have different agendas. There are companies who specialise in internet infrastructure, Internet Service Providers, as well as those who provide content. Not all companies provide services to all chat rooms or newsgroups and so forth. Therefore, ethics can only be applied when it is known who has the control and responsibility for all of these services.

With the ever increasing populace of the internet, this call for ethics has become global and is not restricted to the specialists but to the general public who want solutions that are practical and focussed.

The World Wide Web needs to be seen as part of society rather than as a separate entity and, as such, it should be subject to the same values and ethics as we expect in offline business. It is a fundamental aspect of modern day business and should not be seen as a value free zone.

Issues such as copyright, child pornography, consumer protection, racial vilification and so forth need to be subject to the same laws and ethical standards as general society and more stringent controls put in place for the protection of the masses of people using the internet.

Failure to do so can only result in World Wide Anarchy via this medium of the internet. Is this the future we want for our children?

More Personalized Mobile Content

The Scoop:

The latest partnership between CBS Mobile and Aggregate Knowledge makes it possible for mobile Internet users to obtain the most relevant content for their personal needs. In this one of a kind platform, CBS and Aggregate combine their areas of expertise to deliver “discovery and recommendation technology on mobile web sites.” This development will make content and advertisements more tailored and targeted than ever before.

What to Expect:

Users who visit CBS Mobile News will be able “to see and receive content recommendations based on what is being viewed, clicked, and read…” In essence, these recommendations are tailored to what the user will find most interesting. If a person is reading about super delegates, for instance, they could be led to a story about the democratic primaries. CBS Mobile News consumers will receive article suggestions throughout the day, which they can simply view by clicking the “Your Headlines” link at the top of the screen. The minds behind this new partnership ultimately hope to engage their audience with more personalized content.

Mobile Advertising:

Just as people’s interests and habits can be traced to obtain more relevant content, so too can their interests and wants be traced to view the most relevant ads. Once mobile marketers understand the full benefits of this new medium, consumers can expect to see more tailored ads that fit their personal tastes. No longer will 17-year-old skateboarders have to be subjected to dish washing detergent ads, but they will view things that actually interest them. Imagine only seeing the ads that we cared about… This development could be upon us sooner than we think.

Brandon Bornancin is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of EnMobile, a full-service innovative and strategic mobile marketing agency specializing in creative mobile technology and platforms. He is an expert in mobile marketing, buzz marketing, social media, public relations, advertising, and entrepreneurship. Mr. Bornancin is responsible for his agencies mission, vision, and market leadership. He continually works to improve consumer interaction and communication via mobile marketing and mobile advertising. As a recognized expert in the development of mobile marketing campaigns and software, Mr. Bornancin works directly with fortune 500 companies to create one-on- one marketing tactics and services that are easy to use and work to help clients improve their return on investment.